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March 22, 2007 - GEOREX and dGB announce associate agreement

Paris, France, March 22, 2007 (COMPANYNEWS).  . . GEOREX SA (MLGEO) – GEOREX and dGB Earth Sciences BV (dGB) signed an agreement of cooperation. This agreement strengthens and expands GEOREX subsurface consulting services with dGB OpendTect & GDI products.

OpendTect is an ideal research and development environment for quantitative seismic interpretation and seismic object detection due to its open source structure and plugin architecture. GDI (Geology-Driven-Integration) is a sophisticated reservoir characterization software which supports stochastic pseudo-well modeling and neural network inversion.

GEOREX offers geoscience expertise in the technical evaluation, management, follow-up and supervision of projects for the oil and gas, mining, hydrology, and geotechnical industries. As a worldwide non-exclusive consulting partner, GEOREX promotes high-end software solutions in the field of subsurface evaluation and data management. Under this agreement, GEOREX and dGB will offer integrated quantitative interpretation and reservoir analysis studies.


Contact: Dalian Lembang, Business Development,, +33 1 3434 4742