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Wellsite geologist

Last update: 14/02/2015


We are currently looking for Wellsite Geologists for international projects.


Main activities:

  • Be responsible for liaising with mudloggers and drilling engineers to ensure that it follows the correct health and safety procedures.
  • Guarantee pertinence, reliability and quality of data and geological measurements acquired while drilling
  • To identify critical strata from core samples and rock-cutting data and build up knowledge of the structure being drilled.
  • To send reports and logs of completed drilling to the operations geologist and offer geological advice to company representatives.



  • Evaluate offset data before the start of drilling;
  • Analyse, evaluate and describe formations while drilling, using cuttings, gas, FEMWD (formation evaluation measurement while drilling) and wireline data;
  • Supervise acquisitions (Mud Log, LWD, Wire-Line, VSP, MDT, coring...)
  • Detect and evaluate reservoirs and their contents (Quick Look)
  • Compare data gathered during drilling with predictions made at the exploration stage;
  • Advise on drilling hazards and drilling bit optimisation; forecast and assess geological risks in the course of drilling: pressure, inflow...
  • Contribute to the safety of operations through real-time detection of geological and downhole conditions that could have an adverse effect on drilling.
  • Taking full responsibility for making decisions about suspending or continuing drilling;
  • Advise operations personnel on-site and in the operations office;
  • Supervise mudlogging, FEMWD and wireline services personnel and monitoring quality control in relation to these services;
  • Maintain up-to-date knowledge of MWD (measuring while drilling) tools, such as gamma and resistivity, as geosteering becomes increasingly important;
  • Communicate regularly with operations offices and guarantee and validate flow of wellsite data to the base and headquarters.

Background required:

  • Bachelor or M.Sc. in Geology
  • Experience of minimum 5 years as wellsite geologist in oil and gas sector
  • Technical skills: Operations/Subsurface, petrophysics, Log acquisition, Quantitative interpretation, Modelling, Reserves estimation, Reservoir Engineering, Structural and sedimentary geology
  • Knowledge of Drilling softwares (WINLOG, GRAVITAS…) is mandatory.
  • Good level English is required


If you think that you are qualified an interested in this opportunity,

Please send your CV in a word format as well as your salary expectations to or  via the application form here - use the form.