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Data management

At GEOREX, the data management teams are involved in the whole full-cycle of all projects. GEOREX participates in the preparation of geological and geophysical interpretation projects. Data managers maintain and constantly monitor/update the reference databases to ensure total reliability and consistency between all databases. They guarantee data accessibility and its dissemination. They work either at the client's location or in GEOREX’s offices in compliance with confidentiality, safety rules and IT securities.


Data loading


Data loading and harmonization are the oldest activities of GEOREX and involve the preparation, formatting, loading and reconciliation of all types of G&G data, both physical and digital.

We assist our clients in the management, conservation and integration of the data, including old or new documents in terms of reconstruction projects, data storage, loading and data preparation for possible interpretation, as well as georeferencing and vectorising to GIS format.




Our data loading team offers the highest level of quality control and ensure through accurate georeferencing, that E&P datasets are consistent with client reference databases. Our team is familiar with, and proficient in all the main workstation packages used in the oil industry:

  • Geoframe Charisma,
  • Landmark Openworks R5000,
  • Petrel,
  • Petrovision,
  • Finder,
  • Geolog7,
  • ArcGIS10.



Doc controlling


Our data management team is composed of the qualified document controllers with a strong experience doc controlling especially related to the oil and gas industry.

We offer solutions from early-stage consultation, data organisation and a complete audit service to the final archiving phase through the creation and maintenance of the databases.


We offer the following document management services :

  • Physical inventory and audit
  • Documents sorting, identification and indexing
  • Centralised control of available information in different formats
  • Database creation and management
    • Existing database recovery and exploitation
    • Creation of new BDD
    • Loading and data updates
    • Assisting the migration of documents in new tools
    • Administration
    • Support and training to BDD users
    • Maintenance
  • Collaborative project analysis and management (Sharepoint, Livelink/OpenText, ProjectWise)
  • Quality control to ensure that indexation is in accordance with client specifications and procedures
  • Backup and archiving for long term data preservation
  • Secure data libraries management = Merge and acquisition (virtual Data-Rooms)

Our teams are familiar with many media types:

  • Documents - recent or legacy (logs, seismic sections, reports, records, maps, illustrations),
  • Digital data (raster or vector format, LIS, DLIS, LAS, UKOOA, SEG - Y... etc)


We also have extensive expertise in database merging following company consolidations.


Our document handlers are trained to « Gestion Electronique de l'Information et des Documents Existants (GEIDE/DMS) » standard.





Data Management


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Technical contacts




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