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Our laboratory, located in Argenteuil (France) consists of a team of engineers and experienced geologists. In order to remain at the forefront of technology and to continually evolve our service, we follow new innovations by actively participating in University research projects.


We operate a wide range of equipment and can offer a broad spectrum of analytical procedures; we are constantly adapting our methodologies in order to offer our clients the most reliable results possible.


We are experienced and we have the knowledge of oil & gas, mining and carrying issues. Our experience is specifically recognized in the industrial world for quantifying the reactive silica by petrological analysis, for analyzing plugs and cores (petrography and petrophysics), and for detecting and characterizing asbestos in natural materials.


Our service is tailored to the client’s requirements and we offer a full range of analyses, from simple description of cuttings and cores on site, through the petrophysical analysis or petrologic description, up to interpretation and integration of results into environmental and geological studies.


Oil & Gas sector (New lab GEOREX-STC at Boussens, beginning 2015)

Our laboratory performs all types of analysis related to the characterization of petroleum systems (reservoirs, rock type, water, seal,...).



Sampling and analysis on site

  • Description of cores
  • Sampling of plugs
  • Selection of cuttings


Mechanical and petrophysical characterization of reservoirs

  • Trimming & Cleaning of plugs by soxhlet extraction (toluene)
  • Porosity and density measurement using Helium pycnometry
  • Permeability measurements using the "unsteady - state" method (Kair,  Klinkenberg, alpha and beta factors)
  • Phi - K on cuttings
  • Cell for performing triaxial tests on plugs with confining stress (failure criterion, elastic modulus, etc.)


Petrologic characterization of reservoirs

  • Production of thin sections (blue porosity, Alizarin staining, evaporites,...)
  • Determination of microfacies
  • Diagenetic studies, description and quantification of different porosity types
  • Quantification of mineral phases by point counting
  • Characterization and classification of rock-types


Geochemical characterization of source rocks and hydrocarbons

  • Rock Eval Analyses
  • Mineralogical and lithological composition
  • Fluid inclusions
  • SEM & TEM Analyses (Scanning/Transmitted Electron Microscope)
  • Calcimetry


Petroleum system analysis

  • Biostratigraphic altimeter studies
  • Integration of petrophysical and petrologic data (microfacies, depositional environments, diagenesis) and logs (NMR, IMF...)


Mines & Quarries sector (Lab GEOREX at Argenteuil)

Our team of petrologists and geologists from the mining sector will analyze your samples and propose you a balanced, customized analysis tailored to your needs.

Our laboratory serves major clients and conducts analytical projects for the characterization and classification of aggregates.




Sampling and analysis on site

  • Ground penetrating Radar acquisition (GPR)
  • Description of cores
  • Sampling of plugs
  • Description of outcrops, mines and open-pit mines


Quarry management

  • Field studies, GPR
  • Laboratory analyses
  • Review and optimization of operating plans
  • Advisory services in valorization of by-products


Quality and anlysis of natural materials and aggregates

  • Quantification of reactive silica (alcali-reaction) in aggregates by petrologic analysis (protocol NF EN 932-3 oriented for NF FDP 18-454)
  • Quantification of pyrite by petrologic analysis
  • Thin sectioning
  • Diagenetic and paragenetic studies with description and quantification of different types of porosity
  • Mineralogical and lithological composition
  • Characterization and quantification of clays (expansive/non-expansive) by X-ray diffraction (XRD testing)
  • Detection and characterization of asbestos in natural materials by petrologic analysis followed by Transmission Electronic Microscopy characterization of the asbestos according to AFNOR standard NF X 43-050.
  • Fluid inclusion studies
  • SEM/TEM analyses
  • U - PB and K - Ar dating


Petrophysical and mechanical charecterization of materials

  • Porosity and density measurement by Helium pycnometry
  • Permeability measurements using the "unsteady – state method”
  • Cell for performing triaxial tests on plugs with confining stress (failure criterion, elastic modulus, etc.)


Ageing of concrete

  • Microfracturation
  • Alkali-reactions
  • Sulfatation
  • Corrosion


Analytical services



We offer the following analyses:


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