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Geophysical data processing

Our geophysical data processing unit is comprised of 3 main areas of activity:

  • Transcription and Indexation
  • Seismic data processing
  • Digital geoscience data management





Our geophysicists are at your service for the update and backup of your legacy tape data.

Since the company’s foundation, Georex has transcribed hundreds of thousands of magnetic tapes and can offer all services, from simple, direct bit-to-bit copying, through to full concatenation, reformatting and library consolidation of different types of tape formats.



To ensure a quality service and optimum results, our experienced team offers the following services:

  • Recovery of all attributes (seismic line information, formats, acquisition parameters, processing,...)
  • Nomenclature according to client criteria
  • Attachment to associated documents (reports, operators……etc)
  • Attachment to TOPO / Navigation files
  • Creation of input project files for loading to client database



Tape copying

  • Bit to bit copy
  • Transcription
  • Concatenation
  • Extraction
  • Deroderisation
  • Content listing (tape dump and read)
  • Data media
  • Data selection, ie seismic section part-lining


Reformatting of seismic data

  • Standardisation, loading and data transformation in SEG Y
  • Demultiplexing, SEG A, B, C, D
  • Reformatting - CGG, Western, PAM, OPDD


Well data reformatting

  • Reformatting and processing of well data
  • Conversion of different formats on tape or disc - DLIS, LIS, LAS, ASCII, EBCDIC, BIT, SEG - Y, UKOOA


We use domain-specific software and, in addition, develop our own applications, allowing us to offer the client, a wide range of capabilities in the treatment of formats (3592, 3590, 3490 3480, 8 mm, LTO, DLT, DAT, 9-track,...).



Seismic data processing


Our processing geophysicists also provide seismic data reprocessing and analysis services.

We have significant experience in working with 2D/3D data, both offshore and onshore.


Our specific competencies include:

  • Weathering layer analysis (WZ)
  • Velocity analysis
  • Static correction by different methods
  • Time-Depth migration before and after stack
  • Quality control of acquisition geometries
  • Quality control of acquisition parameters / infield processing






Our team of geologists and geophysicists has a solid experience in work with all types of technical documents wherther it is old or recent, on paper base or synthetic ; in order to preserve the data and ensure the possibility of its management, these documents can be scanned, cleaned and protected to rasters.
The vectorization of your technical documents (seismic surveys, Log, attributes map …) allows to transform every raster in a digital format. Your digital data once formated can then be loaded in the appropriate software or corporate store.


These services are provided for:


  • Seismic documents (seismic line vectorization)
  • Well documents (log vectorization )
  • Cartographic documents (map vectorization)












Seismic document digitizing in the SEG-Y format

  • 2D / 3D Survey;
  • Fields of speeds ; 
  • Wiggle, VAD display;
  • Black and white, levels of grey, color display, coming from various media (paper, copies, images).

Well documents digitizing in the LAS format of 

  • Conventional Loggings (GR, DT, RES...);
  • Wellpath (azimuth, deviations...);
  • Black and white, levels of grey, color display, coming from various media (paper, copies, images).

Maps and Basemaps digitizing in the UKOOA and Shape format création

  • Iso Maps, geological, permit bounds;
  • Seismic basemap;
  • Black and white, levels of grey, color display, coming from various media (paper, copies, images);
  • Export in the Ukooa and Shape format with attributes tables implemented assignees with cartographic analysis field.


Traitment and filters

The data resulting from the digitizing may be filtered by post stack traitment on specialized work station.

A reprocessing of seismic lines is possible since the data resulting from the digitizing or from recordings bands ground and files geometry.


Dataroom assistance, IHS Kingdom Suite project

Our geophysicists, equipped with a complete operating licensed Kingdom Suit workstation, offer Dataroom assistance .








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Seismic data processing


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