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The Georex Group has a Code of Ethics that sets out the principles and common references for the Group, so that all employees can refer to it whenever necessary. The purpose of the rules set out in the Code is not to replace prevailing legislation or regulations but to put them into context and provide guidelines for conducting business activities.


Behaviour outside the Group


Obeying the law


In all the countries where the Group does business, its employees obey the law. Particular emphasis is placed on this point as knowledge and understanding of the law can sometimes be difficult in cultural and legal environments that are very different from those in which company employees have previously worked. In case of uncertainty or doubt, employees should immediately contact either their line management or senior management. Employees working in a subsidiary jointly controlled by a Group company and a foreign company shall obey the laws of the joint subsidiary’s home country, as well as those of the country or countries where it conducts business and in which its shareholders reside. Integrity, honesty and transparency must guide Group employees as they carry out their professional activities. They must always act in the Group’s interests and with respect for laws and regulations in their dealings with customers, suppliers and other business partners. In particular, all employees shall ensure that the laws governing competition, exports and re-exports, employment and labour, health, safety and the protection of the environment are obeyed.


Suitable business practices


Zero tolerance for corruption. Georex, its companies and its employees shall not tolerate any corrupt practices, whether active or passive, direct or indirect, or for the benefit of players in the public or the private sector. Group companies shall respect all international anti-corruption conventions and the anti-corruption laws in force in the countries where they operate.

Under no circumstances, shall the Group, its companies or its employees have recourse to third parties to conduct activities that the Code of Ethics or the law prevents them from carrying out themselves. Engaging the services of a business partner for the purpose of corrupting an individual or an entity is an offence under the terms of anti-corruption laws. Before entering into any contractual relationship with a business partner, Group companies shall carry out a methodical and documented selection process.


Obeying the laws on exportsCompliance with export laws


Georex buys goods and services from diverse suppliers. It also provides services to customers from all over the world. It is therefore essential that it fully complies with all the regulations which apply to its export business. Before undertaking any export business, Group personnel must verify the eligibility of the delivery address and that of the recipient. They must also, as appropriate, obtain all the necessary licences and permits, including administrative authorisations and approvals for regulated products or technologies. These authorisations must be obtained from the correct body in cooperation with the Georex department in charge of export administration. Imports are also subject to various laws and regulations and it is incumbent upon Group employees to comply with all applicable standards. Any breach of import or export regulations would have very serious consequences for the Group. It is necessary to be aware of the laws and regulations applicable to the area of activity in order to comply.


Fair competition


The Group, which supports fair competition, strictly complies with competition laws in the countries where it conducts business. As a general rule, these laws ban understandings or interference that might restrict or distort competition or commerce; these include fixing prices, rigging tenders, carving up markets, territories and customers between competitors as well as boycotting or providing unequal treatment to certain customers or suppliers without legal justification. Exchanging or divulging sensitive business information concerning competitors, customers or suppliers is also likely to constitute a breach of the applicable competition laws.


Gifts and gratuities


Gratuities such as gifts and invitations, given to or received from customers, suppliers or other business partners have no purpose other than to consolidate the corporate brand image and contribute to good business relations. Their value, however, must be strictly symbolic and they must not influence or be seen to influence any business decisions. Good judgement, discretion and caution are always required in these situations. Gift giving between businesses is banned by law under certain circumstances and in certain countries. Group employees must follow the relevant rules and regulations in each country where Georex operates.


Behaviour with regard to customers


All Group employees must respect the principles of loyalty and integrity regarding customers. If at any time an employee is unsure of a situation, they must immediately refer it to their management or the QHSE Manager.


Relations with shareholders


The Group ensures that its shareholders receive relevant, exact, accurate and true information that is sent out as soon as possible and is consistent with previously published information.


Relations with suppliers


The Group selects its suppliers on the basis of objective criteria and demands high standards so that it can fully satisfy its own and its customers' expectations. The Group shall not have dealings with suppliers that use child labour or forced labour.




Group employees shall not damage the Group’s reputation or compromise the integrity of its assets and IT systems. Income-generating activities conducted outside the Group must be free of conflicts of interest with the function exercised within the Group. Similarly, the utmost caution is to be exercised concerning the acquisition of shares, either directly or through third parties, in any companies that have a business relationship with the Group. Such restrictions do not apply to listed companies, with the exception of insider trading, which is an offence.


Sustainable Development


Today, more than ever, protecting the environment is essential for all Group employees.


Political and religious activities


The Group does not finance any political parties and any political activities shall be conducted outside the workplace and outside working hours. Any religious practices carried out by employees shall also be conducted only outside the workplace and outside working hours, barring any legal obligations.


Behaviour within the Group


Information management


Every employee must ensure that any information received in the course of performing their duties is protected. They must fully respect the internal rules governing both written and verbal communications.


Protecting the confidentiality of certain information


Each staff member, due to their function, has access to confidential information, which constitutes an important asset for the Group. Whether confidential or secret, sensitive information may not be divulged or communicated outside the Group.


Respect for individuals


Health and safety for all is a major Group objective. The Group provides equal opportunities to all its employees. Recruitment and promotion are solely dependent on professional abilities and results. The Group respects the dignity and privacy of each individual employee. Also enshrined in its values is the creation of the conditions for each individual to realise their full potential in their chosen profession.


Respect for the Code of Ethics


Each employee is asked to read the Code of Ethics and to learn and respect the content. In case of uncertainty or doubt about how to behave, each employee must immediately consult his or her line management or the Group Legal Department. Each employee has an obligation to respect this Code of Ethics.





Keenly aware of ecological, social and economic reality, the Georex Group bases its quality, health & safety and environmental (QHSE) policy on the following major considerations:


  • Ensuring the health of employees in the workplace and the protection of the environment.
  • Guaranteeing the principles and the primacy of the law. Georex makes sure that all applicable laws and regulations are respected.
  • Promoting best practices throughout the Group and sharing them with stakeholders.
  • Making integrity one of its fundamental values by behaving in an ethical, honest and fair manner.
  • Taking into account the interests of stakeholders, including customers, employees and suppliers, to ensure that its decisions are responsible.
  • Maintaining a relationship of trust with customers by encouraging transparency and ensuring the confidentiality of customer data.